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Why Choose Synergy & Co.?

Unique Approach

We bring time-sensitive results, and build relationships for revenue growth. We work on strategies, and solutions as we collaborate with companies and candidates across specific industries and geographies. Yet, we are also known for our fun approach to work- we enjoy what we do.  It is our commitment to engage with you in order to yield long-term, exponential success.

Personal Touch

Synergy & Co is a specialized recruiting firm that thrives on building long lasting and great relationships. We take consultative approach and personalize our client's needs, case by case. We listen to you in order to grasp your complex needs and essential goals, and implement a strategy for effective turn around. 

Knowledge & Expertise

We have been in the business for over 7 years, solely focusing on the Supply Chain industry and achieving results with best in class logistics companies and consulting firms. Throughout the years, we have built a deep and strong network of talent, while taking hands on approach to ensure we have the expertise to deliver the best solutions. We understand the dynamics of the industry to effectively collaborate with companies and candidates for impacting long-term success.

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